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CloudWorx can be used to generate planar shapes, called patches and cylinders, by selecting appropriate points within a point cloud. It also helps adjust the position and orientation of CAD objects to create best-fit cross-sections using the following tools:

  • Pipe

    • CloudWorx can fit a pipe to a cylindrical region of a point cloud. For instructions on how to fit a pipe, refer to the Pipe page.

  • Connect Pipes

    • CloudWorx can create a piping run from multiple selected pipe objects. For instructions on how to create a piping run, refer to the Connect Pipes page.

Note: Only pipe objects created via the Pipe command can be connected via the Connect Pipes command. The resulting centerline for a piping run is similar to a polyline.

  • Flange Work Point

    • A flange work point is a design point where a flange can be inserted. This tool can help find a flange work point directly from the points that represent a flange or flanged component. For instructions on how to find flange work point, refer to the Flange page.

  • Patch

    • CloudWorx provides the ability to fit rectangular or polygon-shaped patches to point clouds. For instructions on how to fit a patch, refer to the Patch page.

  • Steel

    • CloudWorx can fit structural steel sections to the point cloud, making the modelling process quick and accurate. For instructions on how to fit different types of steel geometry, refer to the Steel page.

  • Adjust End Points

    • This tool allows users to adjust end points of piping or steel structural elements within a drawing to improve the results of auto extraction. For instructions on how to fit different types of steel geometry, refer to the Adjust End Points page.

Further reading on Fitters:

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