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Help | CloudWorx

What Is CloudWorx?

Leica CloudWorx is a point cloud plug-in for CAD software. It enables users to work efficiently with large point cloud data sets directly within their chosen CAD system. Once installed, CloudWorx appears as a new tab on the CAD ribbon, offering a specialized set of tools that can be used alongside the native CAD tools and commands to enhance the overall user experience.


Point cloud data being viewed inside CloudWorx

CloudWorx tools are fully compatible with Leica Geosystems' formats and project files, and they are easily accessible in a variety of CAD systems. The supported CAD systems are clearly defined at the top of each tool’s page:


Why CloudWorx?

Point cloud data obtained from reality capture surveys is typically not the final product, as it needs to be processed to extract useful information. Many clients require their data in CAD format, which means that CAD objects must be created from the point cloud and tailored to their specific needs. With CloudWorx, users can turn this conversion process into an efficient and rewarding experience, enabling them to deliver exceptional results that exceed clients' expectations.

Using CloudWorx, users can:

  • Speed up 2D drawing creation

  • Streamline 3D object and surface modelling

  • Optimize survey workflows

  • Improve as-built modelling

  • Simplify modelling in context


Point cloud data with CAD object drawn on top

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