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Import Directly from BLK360

Connect to the BLK360 device wirelessly using any Wi-Fi network or through the additional LAN USB-C adapter, to download, manage scans, and set capture settings. Select the data sources for import and click Add to Project.

Scan Density Options

  • Low

  • Medium

  • High

Note: Scan density affects the resolution and accuracy of the point cloud data. Higher scan density means more points are captured per unit area, resulting in finer details and higher accuracy. However, higher scan density also means longer scanning time, larger file size, and more processing time. Lower scan density means fewer points are captured per unit area, resulting in coarser details and lower accuracy. However, lower scan density also means shorter scanning time, smaller file size, and less processing time. Therefore, choosing the appropriate scan density depends on the project requirements and the trade-off between quality and efficiency.

Image Options

  • LDR

  • HDR

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