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Limit Box Manager

The Limit Box Manager is used to store the created Limit Boxes.

The created Limit Boxes are temporary and discarded when the user switches to a different view mode, unless stored.

Using the Limit Box Manager, the user can save newly created boxes, delete existing boxes, activate clipping functionality, set the visibility, and use export options.

  • Active: Limit Box affects point display.

  • Visible: Limit Box is rendered in the view.

  • Export: Limit Box gets published as a clip to JetStream if the user possesses a JetStream Enterprise license.

Note: Selecting the Export check box adds a clip to the supported export formats of JetStream and LGS. The Export option does not limit the export to only the points inside of the Limit Box. All point cloud points will be exported with the Export option selected or deselected.

Limit Boxes are visible but not active

Limit Boxes are active but not visible

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