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Point Cloud Cleaning

There are a couple of different ways to clean the point cloud. The user can delete points from the visual cloud and/or delete points from the cloud used for Cloud-to-Cloud registration.

Upon import, two clouds are created for all Setups. One is the visual cloud, and one is the cloud only used for Cloud-to-Cloud registration. The cloud seen in Visual Alignment is the view of the Cloud-to-Cloud cloud.

The user can edit the cloud directly in Visual Alignment, in which case the user would only be editing the Cloud-to-Cloud cloud or can edit the cloud outside of Visual Alignment, in which case the user has a choice to delete the visual cloud and/or the Cloud-to-Cloud cloud.

The use case for only deleting the Cloud-to-Cloud cloud is the case where the user has trees that normally would cause a poor Cloud-to-Cloud fit. If the user wants to keep the trees in the scene but does not want the trees to cause a poor Cloud-to-Cloud fit, the user now has the option of only deleting the Cloud-to-Cloud cloud.

The option to clean the point cloud is available in the following areas:

Additionally, users can utilize filters to clean a project:

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