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Publishing to JetStream Enterprise and Local

Note: As of Cyclone REGISTER 360 PLUS 2023.0.0, publishing to JetStream Enterprise and TruView Local are no longer supported.

Checking the JetStream Enterprise box in the Publish Options panel, publishes the project to the JetStream Enterprise server on a local network. There are a wide range of options to adjust the parameters of the publishing event.

Export Options

The Export Options button is used to set JetStream export options:

  • Set project name

    • This is the name that will show for the project in the supporting downstream programs.

  • Include Point Cloud Data

    • This option is used to include or not the point cloud data.

  • Allow Measurements in TruView

    • Enabling TruView Measurements ensures that if the project is exported from a JetStream Enterprise server as an LGS file, that it can be added to TruView Enterprise or Cloud and will support measurement.

    • The default is set to export TruView measurements. Exporting without TruView measurement support has the following benefits if measuring in TruView is not required:

      • Fast upload to TVC and TVE

      • Smaller LGS project file size

      • Faster publishing in general

Note: The option is available in the Export Options dialogs for TVC, TVE and LGS.

  • Include Pano Images

    • This option is used to include or not the panoramic images.

  • Pano Images Resolution (1K-5K)

  • Protect with Password

Note: Once set, the password is irretrievable. If the password is lost, there is no way to open the file or find out what the password was. A new file will have to be published with a known password.

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