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While working with a point cloud, it can be helpful to limit the view of the point cloud to a specific portion by hiding points that are not required. It can be achieved using a limit box, slice, section view, or fence to define which points are displayed or hidden.

Note: Hidden points are not deleted from the ModelSpace View or database. The following commands merely reduce the size and complexity of point clouds for viewing and processing.

The Clipping Manager dialog can be used to toggle or delete defined clippings in CloudWorx.

Limit Box

A limit box is a 3D rectangular box beyond which points are not displayed or processed.

For instructions on how to use a limit box, refer to the Limit Box page.

Section View

A section view allows defining a 3D plane and then hiding the points on one side of that plane for an exposed cross-section view of the point cloud.

For instructions on how to use a section view, refer to the Section Views page.


A slice defines two parallel 3D planes and then hides the points outside the zone between the two planes, resulting in a controlled cross-section view of the point cloud.

For instructions on how to use a slice, refer to the Slice on Axis page.

For instructions on how the current slice can be moved one step (equal to the width of the slice) forward or backward along its axis, refer to the Slice Forward and Slice Backward pages.


The fence commands allow hiding points within a user-defined fence. A fence can be in the shape of a circle, rectangle, or polygon.

For instructions on how to hide points inside or outside of a fence, see the Hide Inside and Hide Outside pages.

Further reading on Clipping:

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