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Slice on Axis


Clipping | Clip Point Cloud | Slice


Command Line

  • AutoCAD: CWSLICE | X, Y, or Z

This command is used to define two parallel planes along a specified axis and then hide the points outside the two planes, resulting in a controlled cross-section view of the point cloud.

Using the Tool

To hide points outside of a slice, follow the steps below:

  1. Activate the tool using any option below:

    1. In the Clipping panel, click the Slice icon and select the necessary axis.

    2. Type a command line prompt specific to the preferred CAD system and press ENTER.

As a result, a temporary line representing the clipping appears and follows the cursor.

  1. Either click once on the Workplane or enter coordinates at the command line and press ENTER to define the first plane.

A temporary indicator marks the placement of the first cutting plane, and a temporary line for the second plane follows the cursor.

  1. Click again to define the second plane.

The points outside the two planes are hidden.

To turn on or off any clipping record, use the CWCLIPMGR command, or use the CWCLIPOFF command to turn off all clipping records of the active clipping group.

Refer to the Slice Backward and Slice Forward pages to find out how to move the slice by one step along an axis.

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