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CloudWorx includes a set of tools to help define the User Coordinate System (UCS) and Workplane. These tools help the user to have better control over the Limit Box and Slice features and provide the ability to easily orientate the point cloud to the screen.


These tools use the vertical (walls) and horizontal (floor) point cloud features or individual points to change the UCS and set the Workplane to the UCS.

Refer to the Workplane page for more details.


These tools allow users to orientate the UCS to the plan or elevation view.

Refer to the Views page for more details.

Reset to World

This command will align the UCS to the World coordinate system. Refer to the Reset to World page for more details.

Save UCS

This command allows saving the current UCS to the UCS list. Refer to the Save UCS page for more details.

Align View

This command will align the view to the current UCS. Refer to the Align View page for more details.

Further reading on Orientation:

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