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QuickSlice Floor+Wall


Line-Tools | QuickSlice Floor+Wall

Command Line



This tool allows creating a vertical slice with the UCS where the X-axis is on the floor, the origin is on the hinge line, and the Z-axis is along the hinge.

Using the Tool

To create a vertical slice based on two points selected on a floor and a wall, follow the steps below:

  1. Activate the tool using any option below:

    1. Select QuickSlice Floor+Wall in the Line-Tools panel.

    2. Type a command line prompt specific to the preferred CAD system and press ENTER.

  2. When prompted to Pick floor point, select a point on the point cloud to define the floor.

  3. When prompted to Pick wall point, select a point on the point cloud to define the wall.

The QuickSlice is created and saved to the Clipping Manager. However, if the QuickSlice tool is used again, it will overwrite this clip. To save the clip for future use, rename it in the Clipping Manager.


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