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(2022.0.0) Installing & Licensing on Amazon Web Services

This section provides instructions for deploying Cyclone ENTERPRISE on the cloud when running the Cyclone ENTERPRISE server on Amazon Web Services (AWS).


Note: This guide assumes you have experience with the Windows command-line interface.

Note: Prior experience with AWS is not required but is helpful.

Note: Customers with an existing AWS account can skip section Create your AWS account and proceed to section Obtain AWS API Tokens. As a best security practice, we recommend that you create a new IAM user specifically for Cyclone Enterprise. Instructions for this task are in the section.

Installation Workflow

Create your AWS account

Obtain AWS API Tokens

Install AWS CLI v2 for Windows

Configure AWS CLI Tool

AWS Region List

Configure AWS Security Group for Cyclone ENTERPRISE

Obtain Windows Server 2019 with NVIDIA Driver AMI

Create New Key Pair

Create Storage Config File

Launch EC2 Instance

Obtain Administrator Password

Get Public IP Address of EC2 Instance

Accessing Your EC2 Instance

Initialize Data Storage Disk

Stop Your EC2 Instance

Restart Your EC2 Instance

Installing Leica CLM

Installing Leica Cyclone ENTERPRISE

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