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Points on Grid


Tools | Points on Grid

Command Line



This command provides easy-to-use tools for defining a grid on the ground and selecting an area of interest for inserting survey ground points. The user can launch an automated algorithm that intelligently places survey points using a selected SmartPick setting.

Using the Tool

To generate points on a grid:

  1. Click the Points on Grid button in the Tools panel or type a command line prompt specific to the preferred CAD system and press ENTER.

    1. The Points on Grid dialog will open.

  2. On the WorkPlane/Grid tab, go to the Grid Display section and set the desired size of the grid and select the Display check box.

Note: The grid orientation will follow the UCS. The user can orientate the UCS prior to creating points on a grid.

  1. On the Points On Grid tab, in the Parameters section:

    1. Choose which SmartPick Method is desired.

    2. Choose the Ground Search Radius.

    3. Choose the Result Type.

    4. Change the default Raw Description if desired.

  2. Click Place Points. Preview is not required. However, it will temporarily show where points will be placed.

Refer to SmartPick Viewport for a description of each pick mode.

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