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Help | TruView

The TruView Help documentation is applicable to both TruView and TruView LIVE (formerly JetStream Viewer). This documentation is not applicable to TruView Enterprise or Cloud.

Introduction: Information about hardware specifications and software compatibility

Getting Started: An introduction to the TruView interface and opening a new project.

Settings: Configuring your TruView Settings.

Navigating 3D Data: An introduction to the navigation tools and behavior.

Maps: Information about the SiteMap and MiniMap

User Coordinate Systems: Information about saved UCSs originating from upstream products.

Clips: Information about Saved Clips originating from upstream products and creating Clip Boxes in TruView.

Measurements: An overview on creating measurements.

Panels: An overview of all of the available options and information available in the Panels.

Working with 3D Models: Information about adding, aligning and saving models to Projects.

TruView Plugins: An overview on the TruView Plugin Manager.

TruView VR: An overview on TruView VR setup and navigation.




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