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The TruSpace viewer can be used to explore and analyze data in TruSpace. This view can be synchronized with the view of CAD software packages for easy navigation.


After opening a ModelSpace View in the preferred CAD software, users can open TruSpace. The CAD software viewport will synchronize with TruSpace, allowing the user to easily rotate the view in TruSpace while the CloudWorx viewer matches the view changes. Along with the synchronized views, the user can use CAD drawing tools by starting CAD commands, for example, the LINE command. Then the user should provide points by picking them in TruSpace, which sends data to the CAD command line. TruSpace significantly helps make the point cloud useful and accessible to the CloudWorx user.

The KeyPlan is a view of a scene showing the locations and orientations of all the scanners relative to a background image that helps identify the positions of the scanners within the scene.

TruSpace Viewer Tools

Maintaining consistency with TruView, the TruSpace viewer offers a wide range of features for CloudWorx users.

Primary Toolset


The primary tools are located on the left-hand side of the application: 

  • SiteMaps: Allows viewing different SiteMaps.

  • Open Visibility Panel: Toggles the Visibility panel on or off.

  • Saved UCS: Allows selecting another available UCS. The active UCS will be preselected by default when opening TruSpace.

  • Saved Clips: Allows choosing from the available clip boxes as well as editing and removing them.

  • Manually Create Clip Box: Enables manual creation of the clip boxes to select a specific area of interest.

  • Measurement tools: A set of tools for measuring distances, angles, area, temperature, pipe diameter, and reviewing point information.

  • Navigation tools: A toolset available in the top left-hand corner of the main viewing window to help adjust the view of the point cloud.


TruSpace has a set of panels on the right-hand side of the application, providing various functions and information related to the project.

  • Project Information: Contains all metadata related to the project.

  • Visibility: Shows or hides data elements available in a point cloud, such as pano images, model SiteMaps, GeoTags, and so on.

  • Setups and Tracks: Contains a list of all Setups and Tracks available in the project.

  • Assets: Displays the list of assets associated with the project. Assets can be viewed and downloaded. To view the asset, select the necessary one from the list and double-click it.

  • GeoTags: Shows GeoTags.

  • Snapshots: Allows taking snapshots.

Viewer Settings

Users can manage TruSpace settings from the Settings dialog by clicking the gear image-20240404-150424.png button.


For a comprehensive understanding of each setting, refer to CW TruSpace Settings.

Further reading on TruSpace:

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