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Command Line


This command is intended for Cyclone CORE data only. It enables the user to hide and show individual point clouds that make up the ModelSpace View.

Note: The user needs to have Cyclone CORE installed on the same computer.

Only the master Cyclone CORE ModelSpace View (the first one to be connected to in the CloudWorx project) is shown in the ScanWorld Explorer.

Using the Tool

After executing the command, the ScanWorld Explorer dialog opens.

  • ScanWorlds lists the ScanWorlds associated with the ModelSpace View.

  • The tabs on the left require one or more ScanWorlds to be selected to show the relevant information.

    • The Scanners tab displays the field of view (FOV) of the scanner and provides information about the type of the original laser scanner used.

    • The Scans tab allows hiding or showing an individual point cloud.

    • The Unified Clouds tab shows point clouds made up of several point clouds, usually for different locations, that have been aligned and written as a single cloud.

Note: To select several ScanWorlds, use the Shift key.

  • The Align to Scanner button image-20240228-152525.png on the top left will align the viewpoint in the CAD software to match the viewpoint of the selected scanner.

Note: A ModelSpace can be an individual object within a database or a sub-object of a ScanWorld. A ScanWorld can also be made up of several individual ScanWorlds based on the laser scanners location, which have been aligned/registered to the same coordinate system. All the ScanWorlds pass their scans to the ModelSpace View.

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