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Project | Close

Command Line


This command will close the currently open CloudWorx project.

Using the Tool

When the command is used, the point cloud and the associated clipping and layers will be unloaded from the CAD drawing.

If changes have been made to the project since it was last saved, CloudWorx will warn the user to save the changes or they will be lost.


  • If the CAD drawing is saved while the CloudWorx project is open, the reference to the CloudWorx project will be saved into the drawing. Closing the CloudWorx project does not remove this reference from the CAD drawing. So, next time the drawing is open, it will look for the CloudWorx project and the point cloud associated with it.

  • If sharing the CAD drawing without the associated point cloud, use the Purge command to remove the link to the CloudWorx project and point cloud and then save the CAD drawing.

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