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TV TruView VR (TruView Desktop only)

TruView VR allows you to explore projects using a VR headset. TruView VR can be launched directly from the desktop application. Connect any Windows Mixed Reality-compatible headset to enter a fully immersive virtual reality experience from the comfort of your home or office. TruView VR allows users to enter into their reality capture projects at true to life scale. Immerse yourself in your data,  combining both colorized point clouds and models to explore design concepts in situ, visualize a remodel, test-fit new equipment or get up close with areas of a site you can’t access in person.

Overview of features available in TruView VR

  • FREE extension of the popular TruView desktop viewer. Users who already utilize TruView in their workflows now have a new tool at their disposal. 

  • Compatible with most TruView-supported data—no conversion or re-publishing required. Explore projects stored locally or in Cyclone ENTERPRISE in VR.

  • Simple, intuitive navigation. Users can view, walk, fly or teleport through a project using a VR headset and controllers

  • Access everything that your projects have to offer, such as GeoTags, point clouds and Panos

  • Perform spot linear measurements in VR.

  • Expanded options for collaboration. Export screenshots and videos of projects in VR using the native Windows Mixed Reality or Steam recording tools and share them with other stakeholders.

TruView VR is not supported with JSV or JetStream Enterprise projects.

Licensing Note:

LGS files published with a Cyclone WORKFLOW license are compatible with VR.

All LGSx files are compatible with VR.

Further reading on TruView VR

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