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Option to Use Level from Dual Axis Compensator (DAC) when using Applied Control

This feature allows users to achieve feature parity with Cyclone CORE for applying control to a bundle without changing its level. This is useful when users want to preserve the level of a Setup that is collected with a laser scanner with Dual Axis Compensator (DAC), regardless of the control’s level accuracy.

When this feature is enabled, Cyclone REGISTER 360 will apply control to a bundle but keep its Z vector unchanged, giving it the same weight for the level as the control.

Note: This is similar to a nested registration in Cyclone CORE where users can register and freeze scans into a ScanWorld, then put it in a new registration and mark it as “leveled”, then add the control ScanWorld.

This feature can be accessed from the Settings under the Link tab. There is a check box that is off by default, labeled Use Level from DAC when using Applied Control. Users can turn it on or off as needed.

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