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(2022.1.0000) BLK360 Support

The all-new Leica BLK360 is the world’s fastest, smallest, and easiest to use laser scanner that speeds up and simplifies reality capture workflows. It captures complete scans within 20 seconds and even tracks its own location with a VIS system that automatically combines your scans in the field.  

Users can now download their scans from the new BLK360 using either Wi-Fi or a direct connection with a USB-C cable. The new cable connection was a highly requested feature and decreases download times while increasing the stability of the downloads.

 Users can download to either the Data Manager creating .blk files and a new .blkjob file or they can directly import scans to Cyclone REGISTER 360.

Any work done on FIELD 360, like e.g. pre-registering & creating bundles will be synched back to the BLK360. Importing from BLK360 will have the updated information.

BLK360 Features

VIS links can now be created automatically if there is enough overlap between scans or through the Cyclone FIELD 360 app.

There are three settings that can be changed when the scanner is connected to a tablet using FIELD 360, BLK live app, or through the BLK Data Manager, Cyclone REGISTER 360, or Cyclone Register.

  • Scan Settings

    • Fast+

    • Fast

    • Dense

    • Dense+

  • Image Settings

    • None

    • LDR (LowDynamic Range)

    • HDR (High Dynamic Range)

  • Set delay

    • 1 second to 600 seconds

There are three ways to connect to and download the scans into Cyclone REGISTER 360.

Cyclone REGISTER 360

Directly connect the BLK360 to Cyclone Register 360.

Thumbnails not supported. The Thumbnail is a small picture of the images taken from the scanner that pops up when the icon in the left panel is hovered over.

Import directly from BLK360

Import from Cyclone FIELD 360

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