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Software Requirements


The following browsers for the listed operating systems are supported:

  • Chrome (Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android)

  • Safari (iOS)

  • Firefox (Windows)

  • Edge (Windows) 

Note: Always be sure to have the latest version installed.

Operating System

Cyclone ENTERPRISE supports Windows deployment only (no Linux or other server environments). 

Supported Windows versions:

  1. Windows 11

  2. Windows 10

  3. Windows Server 2022 (recommended)

  4. Windows Server 2019 (recommended)

  5. Windows Server 2016


It is recommended to use Windows Server. Non-server versions of Windows have user session limitations that may prevent some functions from working (particularly TruView LIVE) if Remote Desktop is used (see section Can't see 3D or Pano Image data (only SiteMap) in TruView LIVE for more information).


Virtual Machine Deployment

Cyclone ENTERPRISE will support deployment in virtualized environments (VM). Please ask your local Leica Support team to enable your Entitlement ID (EID) for virtualization if you want to deploy on a VM.


Cloud Deployment

Cyclone ENTERPRISE will support cloud deployment on a Windows Server instance from a cloud provider.

Supported Cloud Providers:

  1. Amazon Web Services (AWS)

  2. Microsoft Azure

Note: Microsoft Azure will be supported in the near future.

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