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Leica Cyclone ENTERPRISE is a user-managed solution delivering a simplified, enterprise-level management and collaboration platform for the reality capture market. Ready for on-premise or cloud deployment, Cyclone ENTERPRISE facilitates advanced project and user management for enterprise-level users. It serves as a single source of truth for storing and managing a company‚Äôs reality capture data, as well as a route to seamless consumption, integration, and access to the data in a secure and private environment.


Cyclone ENTERPRISE provides a granular user management system that ensures access to projects or groups of projects is restricted to authorized users with pre-defined roles. See section User Role Definitions for details. Cyclone ENTERPRISE provides secure and rapid visualization and collaboration by using the integrated online browser-based viewer, TruView LIVE. See the section Open a Project in TruView LIVE for how to open projects in TruView LIVE.


Cyclone ENTERPRISE projects can be securely and seamlessly accessed by CAD, mesh, and analytical applications via Cyclone 3DR the CloudWorx suite, and the Powered by JetStream suite from Leica Geosystems and Partners.


Cyclone ENTERPRISE can be scaled as needed to support enterprise-level project and user requirements. See section Server Configurations and Scalability for system resource configuration options.

Software Requirements

Hardware Requirements

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