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Using a Quick Limit Box in TruSpace

A limit box is a popular clipping tool used when working with a small region of points. The Quick Limit Box tool uses a single pick in the TruSpace viewer to define the center of the region of interest. A limit box is applied with a pre-defined size around that center.

To create a quick limit box, follow the steps below:

  1. Launch the TruSpace viewer from which the region of interest is visible.

  2. Enable Quick Limit Box.

  3. Adjust the range of the Quick Limit Box in the edit box next to B=.

  4. In the TruSpace viewer, switch to the Quick Limit Box mode.

  5. In the TruSpace viewer, pick on the desired center point. The CAD viewports are updated with the corresponding limit box.

  6. If needed, click Regenerate Points in the Rendering panel to load more details within the limit box.

  7. To disable the limit box, use the Limit Box Off command.

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