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Regenerate Points


Rendering | Regenerate Points


  • The commands described below apply to point clouds connected to Cyclone CORE ModelSpace View only. 

  • The command line prompts listed on this page are specific to AutoCAD. If you are using a different CAD system, the command line prompts may vary.

Command Line



This command regenerates all the cloud points necessary to view the maximum level of detail in the current viewport.

The user can also change the point loading and rendering density using the POINTSPACING command. Better point density requires more time to load and render the points. Regenerating point clouds for the viewport is faster with lower point density.

Additionally, the following commands can be used together with the CWREGEN command to manage the display of the points. They are accessible via a command line only.

  • CWLOADMAX (Maximum Points to Load)

    • This command is used to set the maximum allowed number of points loaded by CloudWorx from Cyclone CORE ModelSpace. This setting helps to protect CloudWorx from out-of-memory issues. It is related to the computer's speed and memory capacity for performance. If the current viewport setting requires more points than the load limit, CloudWorx will reduce the level of detail to comply with the limit.

  • CWSETREGEN (Set Regeneration Factor)

    • The Regeneration Factor determines if only points in the current viewport are loaded or if a wider area is populated. It can be helpful to load points in a wider area so that there are always new points seen immediately when panning or zooming out.

      The default value to regenerate points is 1. It means that CloudWorx will load and regenerate the cloud points necessary to display in the viewport. Setting a larger factor may require more memory because more points are loaded.

      If CWSETREGEN is used when no ModelSpace View is open, the value is saved as the most recently used setting.

      If CWSETREGEN is used when a ModelSpace View is open, the value is saved to DWG and becomes the most recently used setting when the DWG is saved.

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