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Software Improvement Program (SIP)


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The purpose of the Software Improvement Program (SIP) is to improve the overall user experience of the CloudWorx software. It allows users to participate in the design of future features, commands, and workflows. The ultimate goal is to meet the users' needs and enhance the quality of the product.

Note: No personally identifiable information is collected and all data is kept anonymous, meaning it cannot be used to contact you directly or obtain any personal information.

What information is collected?

SIP focuses on the following anonymous user data:

  • Localization: Country only

  • Language

  • Hardware configuration: OS, CPU, Graphic settings, RAM, etc.

  • Software: TruView versioning

  • License: License type and duration

  • Characteristics of user session

  • Feedback regarding commands and workflows

The following dialog will appear when CloudWorx opens for the first time after installation. The CloudWorx user will be opted in by default.

To opt out of participation, follow the steps below.

  1. Open the About CloudWorx dialog and click SIP.

  1. In the Preferences dialog that will appear, deselect the Enable Software Improvement Program (SIP) check box.

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