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CW TruSpace Point Info


The Point Info tool can be used to query and display a list of attributes for individual points.

The Point Info tool can query the following attributes:

  • Project: The name of the project that the point is associated with.

  • X: The X coordinate of the point.

  • Y: The Y coordinate of the point.

  • Z: The elevation value of the point.

  • Setup: The name of the Setup that the point cloud belongs to.

  • Class: A class that the point belongs to if the point cloud has been classified using publishing products such as Pegasus office.

  • Intensity: Measurement of the return strength of the laser beam that generated the point. It is partly based on the reflectivity of the object struck by the laser beam.


  • Not all projects have every attribute included in the list. The list of attributes returned from this tool may vary from project to project.

  • Projects published from Cyclone will not contain the Setup attribute.

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