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Creating CAD Lines in TruSpace

The user can pick points in the TruSpace viewer to create CAD lines using regular CAD commands.

The following steps are required:

  1. Launch a TruSpace viewer (see Open TruSpace).

  2. Select the cloud point from which the feature of interest is visible.

  3. In the TruSpace Toggles dialog, enable 3D Point to use picks from TruSpace as 3D point input for regular CAD commands.

  4. Optionally configure other viewports to view the area in which you are interested.

  5. Invoke the LINE CAD command. This tool expects 3D points.

  6. Switch to the TruSpace viewer.

  7. Pick points in the TruSpace viewer in the sequence that you want the line to follow. You will see the lines generated from the picks in the CAD viewports. Clearing the selection ends the LINE command.

    1. You can always switch back to AutoCAD to make additional settings or enter 3D points.

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