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Reality Cloud Studio: Meshing

Can I generate a mesh that comes from multiple scanners i.e. BLK 360, RTC 360 & BLK2GO)?

Yes. Multi-sensor meshes are supported.

  1. Begin by creating a single project file from your different sensor data in a registration product like Cyclone REGISTER 360 PLUS and exporting it to LGS, E57 or LAS.

  2. Import the file into Reality Cloud Studio.

  3. Select the Mesh Option and Select the “Generic mesh” profile. Do not select one of the sensor mesh profiles as they are optimized for use on single-sensor data.

How can I reprocess (create point cloud or mesh) an uploaded file?

This is currently not possible without uploading the file again.

What is the resolution of meshes created in Reality Cloud Studio?

The default resolution of meshes generated within the platform is 1cm and this currently cannot be amended.

Users are given a choice of sensor types used, or a generic option and meshing will adapt according to the input data to deliver the best outcome.

If you cannot achieve the desired result, please contact support.

What textured mesh export formats are available with the platform?

Currently only OBJ is supported for download from Reality Cloud Studio. If you have uploaded a mesh in another format, you can download the unaltered file.

Why is the meshing result of my E57 drone scan failing or having a bad result?

E57 is not storing the trajectory data required for meshing. Therefore, the mesh either fails or
the result is of bad quality. We recommend using an LGS file instead of E57 as this format contains the trajectory data. You can generate an LGS file from Leica Cyclone REGISTER 360 PLUS.

Why is my mesh from an LGSx file failing?

LGSx files with any of the following conditions may fail:

  • The LGSx file contains tracks (ie mobile trajectory data)

    • All LGSx files published from Cyclone Pegasus OFFICE include Tracks

    • When publishing LGSx files from Cyclone REGISTER 360 PLUS 2023.0.3 or later, please ensure that the Publish Tracks for LGS Export option is turned off in the Main Settings | Export.

  • LGSx files with Hashing (RTC360 only feature)

  • The LGSx files does not contain Pano images.

    • When publishing from Cyclone REGISTER 360 PLUS, please ensure that you have Pano Images selected within the Publishing Settings

Which file format should I import to achieve the best mesh results?







BLK360 G1












It is recommended to create and import a LAS file for compound point cloud (meaning mobile + static) and use the Generic meshing.

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