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Using Multiple SiteMaps

The SiteMap object in Cyclone REGISTER 360 PLUS is used to define areas of registration by Setups in the SiteMap. SiteMaps can be added in the Import area or the Review and Optimize area. Each SiteMap can have its own UCS, control, and background image.

  • A Bundle can span multiple SiteMaps.

In many cases, the project may only have one SiteMap, but in larger registrations, it is useful to break up the registration into SiteMaps that help define areas of the registration, such as multi-floor buildings or large complex areas where multiple Bundles are connected by control.

In the Import area, multiple SiteMaps can be made, and Setups can be populated in them. An example is a multi-floor building where Setups for each floor go into separate SiteMaps, so there could be one SiteMap per floor. In the Import area, Setups in separate SiteMaps will not be registered together. This allows for Bundle formation to happen per SiteMap, then after import, Setups can be joined to attach the SiteMaps together, forming one Bundle that spans all the floors or SiteMaps.

  • Only one Bundle can be published at a time. However, using control will enable the publishing of multiple Bundles at once since the Bundles are in the same coordinate system (all Bundles must be registered to control).

The user can only proceed to Finalize after all Setups are in one Bundle. So if the user has more than one Bundle, the user will need to register Setups from one SiteMap to another SiteMap to form one Bundle that spans both SiteMaps.

The exception to the one Bundle rule is where multiple Bundles are rotated into control. In this case, the Bundles remain separate, but since they are on the same control, the whole project can be published at the same time.

The user can also have a Bundle under one SiteMap and another Bundle under another SiteMap. In this scenario, the user could publish either SiteMap, but not both at once, because the user is only allowed to publish one Bundle at a time.

The user can also start with one Bundle and add more SiteMaps, then take Setups and drag and drop them into the newly added SiteMap(s). This way the user will still have one Bundle, but the bundle's Setups are in separate SiteMaps. This is useful when viewing a multi-floor building as the SiteMap view is always top-down, so if the user has all the floor's Setups in one SiteMap, looking down, it will be hard to view each floor. However, if the user separates Setups into different SiteMaps, one per floor, the user can view each floor's Setups clearly in the SiteMap view.

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