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Create UCS

The Create UCS option is used to set a user coordinate system with a specified origin point and heading.

Step 1: Select the Setup location as the Home Setup

The UCS is defined off an anchor Setup location. Select a Setup on the SiteMap to use as the origin.

Step 2: Define the coordinate center, coordinates, and heading

Toggle Create UCS. A graphic circle will appear over the Setup with a heading line that shows the current heading. The coordinate value in the action bar can be changed to user-specified values (i.e., 5000,5000,100). The coordinate value is initially the center of the selected Setup (0,0,0) or scanner origin. The user can drag the coordinate location to another location and also change the heading of the coordinate system by rotating the heading graphic along a wall, for example. Even if the graphic circle is moved from the Setup, the Setup selected in the beginning is still the Home Setup.

Step 3: Activate the UCS

Select the SiteMap in the left-side navigator. The property panel for the SiteMap will show all the UCSs defined for the SiteMap.

Once the UCS is defined, click Create to activate it. If multiple UCSs are defined, activate an individual UCS from the right side menu by selecting the name and clicking Make Active.

Note: Different UCSs must have different names.

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