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Conversions: New Data Architecture

Overview of Conversions for Leica Reality Capture Portfolio

CYE & R360+

R360+ Converter

LGS Converter Tool


CloudWorx Suite







  • These products can import new data and create a database using the new data architecture. 

  • Publish of data from R360+ to CYE or LGSx, or from CYE to LGSx, results in a project with the new data model.

  • This is a built-in tool within R360+ that allows the user to convert the old Projects in the storage locations to the new data architecture. 

  • No license is required to use this tool.

  • This is a standalone program that allows the user to convert LGS files to LGSx files and save them to a user-selected directory location. 

  • Batch conversion is supported

  • No license is needed to run this tool.

  • These products can publish data to LGSx without any additional license. 

  • The TruView Pack&GO tool allows publishing TruView local data to LGSx without any additional license.

  • In-app conversion to LGSx (saved in the background).

  • All plug-ins continue to support both LGS and LGSx project files.

  • Consumes LGS, LGSx and JSA files. When any modification is made and the file is saved it will be saved as an LGSx.


Conversion of Cyclone REGISTER 360 PLUS Projects

To work with projects in the new version of Cyclone REGISTER 360 PLUS, they have to be converted to the new data architecture. Projects that require conversion are marked with a red X on the project thumbnail.

A free project converter tool, named REGISTER 360+ Converter, is also available that can convert projects without using a license. This tool is located in the Project & Storage dialog, where single or batch project conversion can be done using the shortcut below.


Note: This tool is installed simultaneously with the Cyclone REGISTER 360+ installer.


Conversion of LGS to LGSx

The new tool, named LGS File Converter, enables the conversion of LGS files to LGSx files, the next-generation reality capture data format that offers faster performance, higher compression, and new capabilities. The tool supports batch conversion of multiple LGS files to LGSx files and allows users to choose the destination folder for the converted files.

Note: The LGS Converter installer can be downloaded from this link.

The tool does not require any license to run and has a simple and intuitive user interface. The conversion can reduce the file size by up to 40% depending on the dataset, which can help users save storage space and costs. The tool helps users stay up-to-date with the new data architecture enhancements and leverage the benefits of LGSx files across various Leica Geosystems reality capture products.


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