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New Data Architecture

With the version 2023.1 release of the below-listed Leica Geosystems reality capture software, Leica Geosystems has begun an investment into a new, next-generation reality capture data architecture that is expected to mature into a new gold standard for reality capture projects.

The Leica Geosystems reality capture data architecture powers applications like Cyclone REGISTER 360 PLUS and Cyclone ENTERPRISE as well as the new LGSx file – the evolution of the popular LGS file. The update provides a next-generation solution that includes significantly faster writing (publishing), higher compression, a new visualization experience, and a new core data architecture. The data architecture change is instrumental in allowing Leica Geosystems to build out exciting new capabilities and features in the future to meet the growing needs of the reality capture industry.

Examples of new features that are now possible to build into future software updates, and are planned as such, include, but are not limited to, enabling time-saving “Save” actions when editing an LGSx file with no need for full file copy via “Save As”, file versioning and histories (e.g., track edits to GeoTags, markups, etc. with options to “restore” from the version history), enhanced model and mesh support, and much more. Moving forward, the LGSx format will be opened by any of Leica Geosystems’ reality capture office and cloud apps, bringing consistency for seamless operations and workflows across multiple industries.

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