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Cloud-to-Cloud Settings


In this tab, the user can set the following values for the Cloud-to-Cloud operation.

Max Iterations

This value controls how many times the program will try to improve the fit of the clouds.

The default value is 100. The upper limit is 9,999.

Search Radius

This value controls the radius in which the program searches for matches between surfaces.

The default value is 0.200 meters. The upper limit is 5 meters.

Cloud-to-Cloud Generation

These settings affect how the Cloud-to-Cloud cloud is created upon import. Any change to these settings will only affect newly imported Setups.

Max Point Density

Default value is 30. The upper limit is 999.

The higher the number, the more points will be included in the cloud used for Cloud-to-Cloud registration.

Normal Threshold

The default value is 1 and the upper limit is 100.

A higher value will filter out more surfaces with irregular faces, such as vegetation, and those with a sharper angle to the scanner. This noise data is of less value to a Cloud-to-Cloud alignment. The more good points will be used in Cloud-to-Cloud registrations.

Using a higher value in areas with a lot of vegetation will result in a lower overlap, using fewer points, but a lower error as well, making it more accurate.

WayPoint Cloud-to-Cloud generation radius

The parameter allows defining the cloud-to-cloud registration radius for WayPoints when it is generated either upon import or after. Cloud-to-cloud registration is used for linking multiple point clouds using the WayPoints data. When registering point clouds, Cyclone REGISTER 360 attempts to find corresponding points between the clouds to establish a spatial relationship. By specifying a cloud-to-cloud generation radius, the size or extent of the cloud-to-cloud cloud can be controlled.

For example, if two separate scans of an object or scene need to be aligned using specific WayPoints, the cloud-to-cloud generation radius can be set to determine how large the cloud-to-cloud cloud is when generating a link

Prioritize Targets in Cloud-to-Cloud

Upon link creation, the system will give much higher weight (like Cyclone CORE) to targets when there is also a Cloud-to-Cloud constraint. This setting only applies during link creation. This can be helpful in poor Cloud-to-Cloud conditions, such as an open field.

Show suggested links after Visual Alignment

If enabled, Cyclone REGISTER 360 PLUS will search for other links when finishing a Visual Alignment. Some users may not want this search to happen to save time. If unchecked, Cyclone REGISTER 360 PLUS will no longer search for additional links after Visual Alignment.

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