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Classification-enhanced Cloud-to-Cloud Registration

The point cloud classification can improve the accuracy of cloud-to-cloud registrations (Cyclone REGISTER 360+ 2023.1.0 or newer). This feature allows users to refine the registration process by adjusting point constraints to focus on specific classes. The “Update Cloud-to-Cloud Points” option is available in the Classification Viewer, and a progress bar provides real-time feedback during the update process. This feature applies to all Setups within the SiteMaps, ensuring consistency across projects.

to conduct classification-aided Cloud-to-Cloud registration:

  1. Select the desired Setups/Bundle/SiteMap in the “Review & Optimize” module and open the Classification Viewer.

  2. If no Classifications are listed, click “Classification Manager” and choose your items.

  3. Toggle the visibility of Classifications in the Classification Viewer Dialog and use the “Update Cloud-to-Cloud Points” feature.

  4. Switch from Point Cloud View to Visual Alignment View to see the updated data.

  5. Continue toggling Classification visibility and updating cloud-to-cloud points until you achieve your desired data.

  6. The cloud-to-cloud registration will now focus on your chosen classes.

This enhancement simplifies the process of refining cloud-to-cloud registrations and helps achieve more accurate results.

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