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Applied Control

A control file is a text file that contains the X, Y, and Z coordinates of points that can be found in the scans. These files often contain point numbers and descriptions as well.

Control can be applied to a Bundle of Setups within the project. The control file must be in the following format:

Point#, Northing, Easting, Elevation,Comment or Point#,Y,X,Z,Comment.

Example of the proper formatted TXT file:

1, 5000, 5000, 100.002000,comment

10, 5004.048810, 4995.035472, 100.132964,comment

P4, 5017.049373, 4990.136728, 98.881505,comment

P1, 5016.683588, 4992.102039, 100.198359,comment

The units for Cyclone REGISTER 360 PLUS must be set before import of the control file.


  • All targets in the Bundle must be labeled to match the target labels in the control file.

  • If the text file doesn't import, it could be due to the encoding when the text file was created. Selecting UTF-8 may fix the problem.

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