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Advanced Import Options

Cyclone REGISTER 360 PLUS adds Cloud-to-Cloud to all links during import and for all links created in the Review and Optimize area. The options below help the user by allowing or disallowing the use of Cloud-to-Cloud on selected Bundles. Of course, if the only constraint between two Setups is a Cloud-to-Cloud, the option to remove Cloud-to-Cloud is not allowed.

Several options for optimization are available under the context menu for a Bundle:

Optimize with Targets only

The option allows a Bundle to be registered with targets only without Cloud-to-Cloud. After using this tool, the overall Bundle error will only show the target error as Cloud-to-Cloud is not used but shown anyway to show how the use of Cloud-to-Cloud affects the Bundle.


  • This is exactly like disabling all Cloud-to-Cloud constraints in Cyclone REGISTER.

  • If even one link in the Bundle has a Cloud-to-Cloud link only (no targets), the overall Bundle error will average the Cloud-to-Cloud links with the target links.

Optimize with Cloud-to-Cloud

This option will add Cloud-to-Cloud back to all links in the Bundle if the Optimize with Targets Only command was used previously.

This command is run on a Bundle and can be found in the context menu of any Bundle. Running this command re-runs Cloud-to-Cloud on all existing links in the selected Bundle.

The use case for this tool is for re-running Cloud-to-Cloud on all links after removing trees, cars, and other noise from the point clouds using the fence delete tools from a Bundle in the Bundle view.

Optimization Error Help Dialog

If optimization fails on a Bundle, Cyclone REGISTER 360 will now produce a list of links for investigation. The user can then inspect the links listed and either modify or remove them, saving time for the Bundle inspection process.

Workflow example:

  • Run optimize on a Bundle by adding or removing links on a Bundle.

  • If successful, no dialog will appear.

  • If unsuccessful, the following dialog will appear:

  • The dialog shows the link number and which Setups the link connects.

  • The user can now inspect each of the links listed and either delete or modify them and retry optimization.

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