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(2023.0.1) BLK2GO Support

The BLK2GO is a new handheld imaging laser scanning from Leica Geosystems which captures images and dimensionally accurate point clouds in real-time and uses SLAM technology to record the user’s trajectory through space.

Cyclone REGISTER 360 PLUS (BLK Edition) is the perfect pairing with the BLK2GO including support for its image, point and trajectory data and ability to combine BLK2GO and BLK360 data. Users who wish to register their BLK2GO data to other sensors should consider Cyclone REGISTER 360 PLUS Standard or Cyclone REGISTER.

The BLK2GO includes a new in-field mobile application, BLK Live, which tracks the user’s position in real-time and provides immediate feedback about the completeness of a walk as well as support for the naming of different walks. Unlike Cyclone FIELD 360, BLK Live does not store project data.

The BLK2GO can be connected to Cyclone REGISTER 360 PLUS via Wi-Fi or USB cable. Once connected, Cyclone REGISTER 360 PLUS will show the walks (unique capture events) listed in the import area.

The scanner has three panoramic cameras that are used to capture images every second which can be turned into panoramic setup locations along the trajectory (or walking path) of the scan. These images are also used to colorize the point cloud data. At import, the user will set an interval for how often these panoramic setups are created. The setups are known as WayPoints and are located along the scan path to show panoramic imagery for a more traditional setup location experience.

Upon import, Cyclone REGISTER 360 PLUS will import the point cloud data and pano images per user setting. The user can set the WayPoint creation every meter or more, along the trajectory. It is not necessary to create WayPoints to import BLK2GO data, but at least one WayPoint must be created in order to import the data with at least one handle or WayPoint to move and rotate the data in the SiteMap area.

The BLK2GO scanner also has one high-res camera. When the image capture button is pressed, a 12-megapixel image will be captured from the front of the scanner. Upon import, the image is turned into a GeoTag which is accessible downstream in JetStream, TruView, and CloudWorx.

For more information about scanner operation please refer to the manual included with your scanner.

The BLK2GO scanner can also be connected to the BLK Live App for use on an Apple iPhone.

Further reading on BLK2GO Support

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