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2022.1.1 | Applied Control

A control file is a text file that contains X, Y, Z coordinates of points that can be found in the scans. These files often contain point numbers and descriptions as well.

Control can be applied to a bundle of Setups within the project. The control file must be in the format:

Point#, Northing, Easting, Elevation,Comment or Point#,Y,X,Z,Comment.

Example of the proper formatted txt file:

1, 5000, 5000, 100.002000,comment

10, 5004.048810, 4995.035472, 100.132964,comment

P4, 5017.049373, 4990.136728, 98.881505,comment

P1, 5016.683588, 4992.102039, 100.198359,comment

The units for Cyclone REGISTER 360 must be set before import of the control file.

All Targets in the bundle must be labeled to match the target labels in the control file.

If the text file won't import it could be due to the encoding when the text file was created. Selecting UTF-8 may fix the problem.

Further reading on Applied Control

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