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2022.0.1- Rendering Settings

Rendering settings for GreyScale point clouds

The value of 1-10 for Gamma correction can be set to help the rendering of Greyscale point clouds. Higher values are darker.

Setup Radius

The default size of the setup icon is 1m but can be set to a different size by changing the value in the field.

Here is an image of the default size sphere:

Use Camera-based rendering

This option is on by default. It optimizes the loading of points in front of and close to, the current camera position (viewing location). When this is off, the standard rendering prioritizes loading points in a wider range to prepare for when the camera (viewing location) moves. This can be helpful on larger projects.

  • Camera-based rendering greatly speeds up the rendering of clouds directly in front of the current view.

  • Standard rendering prioritizes a wider range of points out of view to prep the view for when the camera moves.

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