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2022.0.1- Finalize Commands




Accept appears twice in the Finalize stage of the Cyclone REGISTER 360 workflow. When the user enters the finalize stage they will be prompted to accept the SiteMap view via the Action Bar. This will freeze the view on screen to serve as the Registration Report main image. One a SiteMap view can be used for as the Registration Report main image. Once the SiteMap has been accepted, the user should review their metrics, if these are within an acceptable margin of error for the project, they should hit Accept in the properties panel. Once the user clicks Accept in the properties panel, the software will automatically advance them to the Report stage of the workflow.

Acceptance Metrics

Displays the margin of error for the entire registration in the default or user defined units. If the user is unsatisfied with any of the errors, they should return to the Review and optimize stage and refine their registration before moving on to the Report stage.


Cancels the finalization process and returns the user to the Review and Optimize stage.


The highest level of clustering project data within the project panel. The group contains and displays all SiteMaps pertaining to a single bundle. Each bundle will be placed in a separate group. Deliverables can only be created from one group at a time.

SiteMap Hyperlinks

Creates a hyperlink to the selected SiteMap.

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