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Hardware Requirements

Server Specifications



Cyclone ENTERPRISE’s scalability for concurrent users accessing (any) project(s) is related to the number of CPU cores. Please see Server Configurations & Scalability for more information.

For customers who anticipate many concurrent TruView LIVE users at any given time, accessing projects within the server via browsers, we recommend a system of 24 or 32 physical cores.

Cloud services may use “virtual cores” which are NOT the equivalent of a physical core.

For customers who anticipate more desktop application work (e.g., with the CloudWorx suite), and few TruView LIVE concurrent users, lower core counts will suffice.

The speed of the CPU’s cores has an additional impact on performance latency. We recommend a minimum of 2.5 GHz per core, but higher speeds such as 4 GHz are preferable. 


A GPU that supports OpenGL is required to run Cyclone ENTERPRISE. 

  • Recommended: 16 GB NVIDIA or AMD GPU with OpenGL 4.6 or newer support

  • Minimum: 12 GB NVIDIA or AMD GPU or higher with OpenGL 4.6 or newer support

If you are using a cloud service provider (e.g., AWS), please be sure to select an instance that includes a GPU.

The following two instance types have been tested. To ensure that one of these instance types are used:

  • AWS: Use G4dn

  • Azure: Use NVv3

Cyclone ENTERPRISE cannot use graphics cards such as NVIDIA A16 on a physical server because it doesn’t have an output port. Without an output port, Windows cannot provide an active desktop for Cyclone ENTERPRISE server side rendering. However, if you correctly configure the A16 as a vGPU (ie. you have a proper server, driver, VM host software), then Cyclone ENTERPRISE can use it. This applies to all data center GPUs that don’t have an output port.

Some GPUs such as the NVIDIA A40 have display ports, but they are disabled by default (in this case Cyclone ENTERPRISE cannot use them). The ports must be enabled by the NVIDIA Display Mode Selector tool which is available at

Even with a compatible GPU (e.g. GeForce 30-,40-series), Cyclone ENTERPRISE may still not be able to find a GPU because of other issues such as wrong driver installed, Cyclone ENTERPRISE run via RDP, limited-priviledge user account


For optimal performance, SSDs are recommended for all project storage locations
Storage locations must be visible to the server as mounted drives (i.e., at this time we do not support cloud-based storage options like AWS S3)

A minimum of 1 TB is required for installation (but does not include any project storage allocation).


On-premise solutions should support at least 1Gbps (recommended 10Gbps) ethernet speeds.
For cloud deployments (e.g., AWS), we recommend instances with 50 or 100 Gbps of high throughout.


It is recommended to have 10 GB or higher of RAM per TruView LIVE session. This memory requirement is the same for both cloud and local deployment.


Specifications for viewing TruView LIVE Sessions

Leica TruView LIVE is a browser client that is integrated into Cyclone ENTERPRISE. The TruView LIVE rendering is handled on the server, which is why a GPU is required for the Cyclone ENTERPRISE server. On the other hand, the client machine viewing the TruView LIVE does not need a high-performance graphics card. Any reasonable system will be able to handle the TruView LIVE session efficiently. 

TruView LIVE can be accessed from any device including laptops, desktops, tablets, or smartphones that are able to run the supported browsers.  

Specifications for Applications Connecting to Cyclone ENTERPRISE

The client machine requirements for connecting to the Cyclone ENTERPRISE from consuming product such as Leica TruView, CloudWorx plugins for CAD applications, Leica Map360, Cyclone 3DR, Verity, Rithm, etc., is the same as the specification required by the products. The product datasheet or catalog should be referenced for details.

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