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CYE First-Time Login

First-time Login credentials

During installation, a default Root user is created.

The Root user credentials are required when logging into Cyclone ENTERPRISE for the first time.

The username and password for the "Root" user account are as the following:

  • Username: root

  • Password: root

Note: Once logged in for the first time as Root, you may begin creating other users.

Note: You will be required to change the default password upon first installation.

Note: The default root user password ("root") is only valid for 48 hours after Cyclone ENTERPRISE is installed and the server is initiated. If you do not login within this period, you will be required to reset the root user's password. See Root User for information on how to reset the root user's password.

Note: See Root User section for more information.


Set default Storage Location

Upon the first login, the Root user will be prompted to set the default Storage Location. A storage location must be set before any projects can be imported into Cyclone ENTERPRISE. Please see Storage Locations for instructions on setting the Storage Location(s).

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