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Root User's default credentials are not working on first login


After installation and setup, you attempt to login for the first time with the default Root user username and password, but the password does not work.

Probable Cause

The default root password is a temporary password, which is created during installation or user password reset. This temporary password  only lasts for 2 days from initial server initialization, and then expires.  For example, if the user installs Cyclone ENTERPRISE but doesn't login for more than two days, and then tries to login for the first time the temporary password doesn't work.


Use the root user password reset utility included with installation.

  1. Access the Windows instance Cyclone ENTERPRISE is installed on as an Admin-level user.

  2. Navigate to the Cyclone ENTERPRISE installation directory: C:\Program Files\Leica Geosystems\Cyclone ENTERPRISE

  3. Run ResetPassword.exe from this folder

  4. Login again with the default root username and password.


Note: This reset is also valid for 48 hours! Login to reset the password permanently before the 48-hour period expires, or you will need to run the utility again.


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