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Root User

Root User Definition

A root user is created during installation of Cyclone ENTERPRISE. The root user has full control over managing the server settings, projects, users, etc.

Root User Default Credentials

After the installation of Cyclone ENTERPRISE, the root user has the following temporary credentials:

  • Username: root

  • Password: root

Note: At first login, you will be required to change the root user's default password before you can proceed.

Note: The default password credential is only valid for 48 hours after the completed installation. If you do not login within the 48-hour window, you will need to reset the root user's password (see below for how to do this).

Resetting a Forgotten Root User's Password

If you forgot the Root user’s password or your temporary password has expired, the password can be reset by running the “resetpassword.exe” tool located at the following path on the Windows machine the product was installed on:

  • C:\Program Files\Leica Geosystems\Cyclone ENTERPRISE

After running reset password tool, the Root user's temporary credentials will be set as the following:

  • Username: root

  • Password: root

Note: Password resets are only valid for 48 hours. If you do not login within 48 hours of running the utility, you will need to run it again.


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