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Installing & Licensing on a LAN/Corporate WAN

Installing Leica Cyclone ENTERPRISE

Note: You must have administrative privileges on your Windows machine to correctly install Cyclone ENTERPRISE.

Note: Installation of Cyclone ENTERPRISE requires a minimum of 1TB of storage space.

  1. Right-click on the Cyclone ENTERPRISE setup file and select “Run as administrator”.

  2. Follow the directions in the InstallShield Wizard.

  3. Choose the Storage folder location and Select Next.

  4. To complete the installation:

    1. Select Yes, I want to restart my computer now.

    2. Select Finish.


The installation will create and use the following folders:

  • %PROGRAMFILES%\Leica Geosystems\Cyclone ENTERPRISE

  • %PROGRAMDATA%\Leica Geosystems\Cyclone ENTERPRISE


Installing Leica CLM and licensing

Leica Cyclone ENTERPRISE supports Leica Client License Manager (CLM), version 1.8.1 or newer. Download the install package from the Leica Geosystems product page website to receive both the Cyclone ENTERPRISE installer and installer for the best-supported CLM version."



  1. Open the Client License Manager for Floating Licenses located here: Start Menu/All Programs/Leica Geosystems/Client License Manager (NOT the Node-locked CLM)

  2. Choose the Activate new licenses option.

  3. Enter your Entitlement IDs (EID) in the open field. To enter multiple EIDs separate them with a semicolon ";" and NO space.

  4. After you have entered your EID, choose the Check for Activatable Licenses link in the bottom right of the page

  5. Once your licenses are activated, you can start using Cyclone ENTERPRISE.

  Note: After a computer reboot, you may need to wait for a few minutes to restore the CLM server.

Note: If you want to activate a license offline, follow instructions in Leica CLM on setting up an EID (i.e. license) offline.

Using a Central/Remote CLM server

 Note: In addition to the default setting, Cyclone ENTERPRISE also provides the capability to use the license from CLM that is not on a machine as Cyclone ENTERPRISE. 

To use CLM on a separate machine, the following configuration file should be edited:

  • “C:\ProgramData\Leica Geosystems\Cyclone ENTERPRISE\jetstreamconfig.ini”


By default, the CLM server is set as the “localhost” (LicenseManagerHostName=localhost), which is the same machine. You may replace "localhost" with the IP address of the central/remote CLM server you wish to use.

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