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CW TruSpace Pano Image Visibility Settings



To enable or disable the visibility of panoramic images, click the visibility icon image-20240708-090047.png next to the Pano Images field.

  • Shortcut Key: I

Image Type

To change the pano renderer, click the Image Type icon image-20240708-090501.png and select the required option:

  • Image

Applies the native true color image from the scanner.

  • HDR Image: Applies the HDR image. When this renderer is used, the HDR slider will become active, allowing to adjust the HDR threshold.

  • IR Image: Applies the IR image if it is available. 


To adjust the HDR threshold automatically, simply click the brightness icon image-20240708-091546.png.

To adjust the HDR threshold manually, deselect the Auto Brightness check box.

This is only active if the HDR image type is applied.

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