Leica TruView is Leica Geosystems' free viewer that allows for quick and easy viewing of point cloud data from Cyclone ENTERPRISE, JetStream Enterprise or LGS (stand-alone solution) for those seeking a lightweight point cloud and model viewing tool.


Leica TruView offers: 

  • Ultra-high-speed rendering of your point cloud data to instantly open and display an unlimited number of points all the time as you navigate your data set.

  • Optional Cyclone ENTERPRISE, JetStream Enterprise, and LGS data sources.

  • Connected, disconnected or portable versions provide you total flexibility in accessing and sharing digital reality data.

  • Portable version is the perfect way to leave behind an impressive product with a client or prospective customer.

  • No license is occupied during use, so your CAD specialists can continue their work uninterrupted.

  • Intuitive navigation controls allow inexperienced users to experience point cloud data without training.

  • Measurement and visualization tools allow you to conduct simple project management tasks or create marketing materials such as fly-through animations.

  • Saved limit boxes and user coordinate systems.

  • Support for BLK360 native HDR imagery via simple slider function.

  • Full support for Layers, Tags and Assets published from Cyclone or created in Cyclone REGISTER 360, CloudWorx etc.

  • Support for IFC, OBJ and COE models

Software Compatibility

Hardware Specifications