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2022.1.0 Create Clip Box

Clips define and area of interest within a project and hide data that is outside of that area of interest. Clips are useful for navigation, visualization and analysis as they allow the user to hone in on important details without subdividing a project or deleting data.

In addition to accessing Saved Clips, users can create new Clip Boxes which will persist through the duration of TruView session but cannot be saved to the project.

Both point clouds and Models will adhere to the Clip Box.

 Creating a Clip Box:

  • Click on the Manually Create Clip Box button.

  • Select one of the three Clip Box creation options.

Manually Create Clip Box

A Clip Box will be created at the entire extent of the project. At this point the Clip Box can be manually adjusted  to an appropriate size.

Create Clip Box by Size 

Define a Clip Box size, then identify a point in the viewer. The Clip Box will be created at the defined size using the selected point as the centroid. 

  • Once a Clip Box is created, manually adjust the Clip Box in the main viewing window by clicking and dragging each side of the box:

    • Hold the SHIFT key to access the back faces of the Clip Box

    • Hold the ALT then click and drag the Clip Box to rotate it

  • When you are finished editing the Clip Box, click on the Accept Clip Box button in the floating toolbar to add it to the list of saved Clips

  • To delete the Clip Box, click on the Clear Clip Box button in the floating toolbar.

Clip by Time

A Clip will be created base on the time value specified in seconds. After the time has been defined, select a point along the trajectory. The Clip will be created +/- the defined range along the trajectory. If a time range of 5 is selected, the Clip size will span 10 seconds total (+/- 5 seconds).

When using the Clip by Time tool, a Clip Box is not generate like with the other tools. The point cloud it clipped automatically without any further interaction required.

It is possible to create a time clip and a clip box in the same project. It is not possible to create more than 1 time clip or clip box in the same project.

Temporary Clips do not get saved into the project. They will only exist during the current session.

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