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Allow Software Improvement Program (TruView Desktop only)

This setting allows you to enable/disable the Software Improvement Program. You will be opted in by default. If you would like to opt out of participation you can turn it off using this setting. 

What is the Software Improvement Program?

The Software Improvement Program is enabled for TruView 2021.2 and later releases. The purpose of the program is to improve the user experience and to allow users to participate in the design of the future commands, workflows and features of the product. The goal is to make future TruView versions best meet your needs.

All gathered data will remain strictly anonymous. Then the collected information cannot be used to get personal information or allow us directly contact you.

What information is collected?

Software Improvement Program focuses on the following anonymous user data:

  • Localization: Country only

  • Language

  • Hardware configuration: OS, CPU, Graphic settings, RAM, ...

  • Software: TruView versioning

  • License: license type and duration

  • Characteristics of use session

  • Commands and workflows feedbacks

Does Software Improvement Program access to personal data?

No. Leica Geosystems cannot reach your personal information.

Who can access the collected information?

If you agree to participate and if you are online, collected data will be shared with the development team of the product only.

Will I be contacted if I validate my participation?

No. If you agree to contribute to the program, Leica Geosystems will have no access to your personal data. Thus, you will never be contacted about your usage or receive any further emails as a result of your participation.

Does Software Improvement Program impact my computer and internet connection performances?

No. Less than 100 ms is necessary to share information from the software.

What is the policy of data retention?

Leica Geosystems services are committed to respect international and legal policies regarding personal data. Monitored data will remain totally anonymous and will be only dedicated to the improvement of our product.

Can I disable my anonymous contribution to Software Improvement Program?

You can opt in or out of the Software Improvement Program at any point. To manage your preferences, uncheck the box labeled SIP in the settings dialog.

Does Software Improvement Program work offline?

No, when you're using TruView with no internet connection, your usage will not be collected.

Can I access the data collected from my software usage?

No, users cannot see the monitored information. Once collected, all data becomes completely anonymous and indistinguishable from the usage data of other TruView users.

How long is data stored?

Software Improvement Program data is stored for a maximum period of 26 months.

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