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Reality Cloud Studio: Usage-based Account Information

Does streaming of a shared assets count towards usage of my data allowance?

No. Streaming of uploaded assets is free of charge on the 1TB and 3TB annual subscriptions.

Does re-uploading and reprocessing the same files consume my data allowance?


Where can I see the usage of my data?

Clicking your user in the lower left corner and then Subscriptions. The section Usage shows the Storage and Download used.

Usage information is only accessible to Admin and Maintainer Users.

Why is my storage usage more than the amount of uploaded files?

After uploading, the application processes the file and generates artifacts from the data. These artifacts are then stored and contribute to the quota. An information icon next to the storage indicates this.

For example, if a 10GB file upload is processed and it generates an additional 9GB of artifacts, it will use 19GB of the subscription's quota.

How can I cancel my subscription?

As a usage-based account holder, you are billed annually by invoice. You will be contacted by our sales team before your subscription renews and you may cancel at that time. You may also contact sales directly to cancel your subscription before the end of your contract. If you cancel before the end of your contract, you will retain access to the product through the end of the original contract date, after which your access will be removed. No refunds are made for unused time.

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