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Reality Cloud Studio Import and Supported File Formats

File uploads are sensor agnostic. Data from both Leica Geosystems sensors and third-party sensors are supported within Reality Cloud Studio. For the most comprehensive experience, we recommend uploading directly from a supported app or LGS file.

What is the maximum size of file that can be processed?

The maximum file that can be processed is around 240GB. Anything bigger will most likely
fail. If you have a bigger file please contact the support team regarding processing. Make
sure you provide a link to the asset.

Supported File Formats

Direct Upload Compatibility

Cyclone FIELD 360




Point Cloud Formats











HTC GPR Survey


Mesh Formats





IFC (versions)





*When uploading to Reality Cloud Studio directly from Cyclone FIELD 360 or BLK LIVE, VIS Enabled Devices (such as the New BLK 360 and RTC360) will be converted to E57 prior to upload and will also produce a JSON file with pre-registration information. This JSON file is vital for auto-registration to work for both these devices.

**Single B2G files are supported, and multiple B2G’s can be combined using the auto-registration tools within Reality Cloud Studio.

Why is the point cloud completely black after processing certain *.LAS files?

The application exporting the .las file does not do the normalization from 8 to 16 bit values
according to the specification .

By ignoring the multiplication with 256 the colors are stored in the least significant 8 bits (little-endian). As a consequence the points are black or almost black.

Following the specification ensures that different camera bit depths are accurately merged.

We recommend using E57 file format to get accurate colors in the Reality Cloud Studio point cloud. If E57 is not an option the LAS could be imported in an other application and export to a new LAS file. Some application either change the color interpretations to little-endian or stretch color values over the whole range.

Why does my LGS or LGSx fail during processing?

There are currently some specific cases related to LGS and LGSx files that cause the processing to fail.

  • LGS(x) files with no point cloud; containing panoramic imagery only.

    • Please ensure that the option to include the point cloud is turned on within the Publish Settings in Cyclone REGSITER 360 PLUS.

  • LGS(x) files that have a file-level password.

    • Please re-publish with no password to upload.

  • LGS(x) files with data hashing signatures from the RTC360 sensor.

  • LGS(x) files with an included model e.g. IFC, OBJ, COE.

    • Model files can only be added or removed from an LGS(x) file in TruView Desktop. You can load the LGS(x) file into TruView, remove the model and save the file to make it compatible with Reality Cloud Studio if you do not have access to the original LGS(x) file or project data.

  • LGS(x) files with special and non-English characters within the file name.

  • LGS(x) files published from Cyclone PEGASUS OFFICE from TRK sensor data will import colorized point clouds but will not support correct visualization of the imagery.

  • LGS files published from version 1.6.2 of Cyclone REGISTER 360.

    • Please re-publish the data from a later version of the program.

Do I need to upload my files directly to Reality Cloud Studio via the browser?

No. you can use the Data Flow utility to manage your file uploads locally.

Data Flow Utility Download

Why did my IFC fail during processing?

It could be that your IFC is not in line with the versions and limitations we currently support.

Please check your IFC and update your software to the latest version. This might already solve your problem.

Where are my GeoTags that I created?

Currently the import of GeoTags is not supported. You need to manually recreated them in RCS.

There is a plan to import the GeoTags in the future.

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